Division Rules

The FRSL games will be played in accordance with the FIFA Laws of the Game. It has been noted that a significant number of changes to these rules were made in 2024 which have affected the way the game is played in varying degrees. These changes are all recorded in the most up-to-date version of the Laws of the Game, but for your ease, a summaries of the changed laws are available from the International Football Association Board. We strongly encourage you familiarise yourself with the law changes, or at least the pertinent and most visible changes that may affect you.

To assist you in processing some of these changes, video explanations have been provided for some and are available at the Football West website.

It should be noted that the FRSL also has its own by-laws and rules for each division, which override the FIFA rules in certain areas. These rules are available here on the website via the dropdown menus, and players and coaches are encouraged to be particularly familiar with these rules.