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Girls Division

League Rationale

The Girls League is made up of teams from year 6 and 9.


All enquiries or concerns related to the Girls division should be directed to the Junior/senior Coordinator.


  1. Every player must observe the laws of the game as detailed in the "Laws of the Game" (as accessed from in the official FIFA rules governing the game of football. The version of rules published at the commencement of the season will apply for the duration of that season. Every player is expected to maintain good conduct both on and off the field (remember, players can be booked off the field also).
  2. The referee is in TOTAL authority during the course of a game and no player shall render dispute on any decision. No BACK CHATTING or SWEARING will be tolerated.
  3. Consequence: Players found guilty of this will be issued with a red or yellow card at the referee's discretion.
  4. Any team with less than 5 registered players from their own team at the scheduled start of the match will forfeit that match. If a scratch match is played, no records will be kept.
  5. Consequence: Lack of players leading to forfeiture of the match awards the match points (3) plus two goals to nil score line in favour of the opposing team.
  6. Due to numbers: Each team is allowed the maximum that both teams have available. If 9 players are not available, then goes down to 8 players. Minimum the other team has to go down to is 7.
  7. Any team member should call her coach at least THREE FULL DAYS beforehand if she is unable to play so that an alternate player can be arranged if the team is short.
  8. A captain (or coach) of an undermanned team may arrange substitute players (up to a team of 8) from the bye team only. The captain (or coach) must inform the Junior Coordinator of the substitutions by no later than 10am on the day of the match. The Junior Coordinator will then contact the opposing team's coach and the match referee (by 11am on match day) to inform them of the changes.
  9. Note that it is not a requirement for the substituted players to take the position of goalkeeper during the match.
  10. Players (including replacement players) must be present to start play ten (10) minutes BEFORE their starting time.
  11. Every player must wear black shorts, black socks, shin pads and the correct team shirt as well as regulation soccer boots for the entire length of the game. If not, the player(s) concerned will forfeit the right to play until they are appropriately dressed and will be shown a yellow card. No jewellery may be worn at any time.
  12. If a player is shown a red card, she must immediately leave the field and shall forfeit the right to play, as per Discipline schedule which is found on the FRSL website. The Umpire may recommend, and may consult the player reps and/or captains an extension or reduction in the suspension. This must be informed to the Umpire Coordinator, the player concerned and the player’s captain.
  13. If a player receives a second yellow card in one match the player must immediately leave the field and she will be suspended accordingly as per Discipline schedule, which is found on the FRSL Website.
  14. Players that are found to be abusing/slandering umpires and linesman (apart from general dissent, which will be treated in the game by yellow or red cards) will be suspended for a minimum of two weeks. Depending on the seriousness of the matter at hand this suspension could be lengthened.
  15. Matches that are abandoned will be deemed a nil all draw, with one (1) match point awarded to each team.
  16. Playing fees must be paid in full on registration. Non-payment of all fees excludes from the right to participate.
  17. All substitution of players must be done only with the permission of the referee. There will be no limit to the number of substitutions made by a team during the game except that no substitutions will be granted in the last 5 minutes of the game unless due to injury. Substitutions to be done in line with the current Interchange Procedure found on the FRSL website.
  18. All teams must have a coach present before the start of the game. If a coach is not present a parent should fill in.
  19. A team allocated to perform duties of training, lining or refereeing must have the required number of members present to undertake the tasks, and at the allocated time. At the discretion of the FRSL, teams failing to do so may incur a one point deduction for every member that is not present (or unreasonably late). Furthermore, point deductions may also be applied where, in the opinion of the match referee and at the discretion of the FRSL, the team members do not perform their duties effectively.
  20. In normal circumstances, the standard match duration will be 65 minutes. This consists of two 30 minute halves separated by a 5 minute interval.
  21. Temporary dismissals will not be used in any division.
  22. Due to lack of a ladies league, Junior boys will be lining the girls. Due to this fact we acknowledge that a lot of responsibility comes back onto the umpire for calls and for offside decisions.

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