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Netball Division

SENIOR NETBALL (year 10 and above)

The Free Reformed Soccer League has adopted the following custom rules that apply in addition to the official International Netball Federation Rules of the Game.

1. Every player must observe the rules of the game as detailed in the International Netball Federation Rules of the Game as accessed from The official rules governing the game of netball. The version of the rules published at the commencement of the season will apply for the duration of that season. Every player is expected to maintain good conduct both on and off the field.

2. The umpire is in full control of a team’s game. Their decision is final. Only the team captain may approach the umpire at half time and speak on behalf of the team.


3. At the start of a match, the names of all players, umpires and scorers are recorded on the score sheet. Each team names one player as captain for the match.

4. All players (this includes registered team players and pool players) must be present to start play 15 minutes before their starting time.

5. During a match a minimum of five and maximum of seven players from a team may be on the court at any one time, one of whom must play as centre.

6. The initial centre pass will be taken by the team that won the toss and all other centre passes shall be alternated by each team.

7. Any team with less than 5 registered players at the scheduled start of the match will forfeit the match. If a scratch match is played, no records will be kept. a. Consequence: Lack of players leading to forfeiture of the match awards the match points in favour of the opposing team.

8. A captain may make up to 9 players from the pool and her own team ONLY, provided the arrangements are concluded prior to 8.00pm Thursday night. All arrangements are to be made through the Netball Coordinator.

a. Each week the captain must advise the coordinator of how many pool players they want. The coordinator is to organise the substitute players for each team.

b. The substitute players will then be divided as equally and proportionally as possible with the emphasis on teams having 7 players before the rest of the pool players are distributed.

c. For example, if team 1 asks for 4 and another for 2, and 4 players are available, the first team will receive 3 and the other 1. However, if the team that asked for 4 has 7 players of its own players, and the team that asked for 2 only has 5 of its own players, then the team with 5 will get 2 and the team with 7 will get 2.

d. The coordinator will inform the captains who the pool players are and who will play for them.

e. Due to the lack of pool players for the netball league; players from bye teams are allowed to sub, this will be organised by the Netball coordinator.

f. The substitute players will be assigned to the teams based on their age, ability and/or playing position to best match the player they are filling in for, this will be determined by the Netball coordinator.

g. Substitute players can play any position on the court at the discretion of the captain of team they are playing for.

9. Both teams have the right to make substitutions and or team changes during an interval or when play is stopped for injury/illness or blood. The number of substitutions is not limited provided the players used are those names for the match.

10. If a team plays a registered or non-registered player that is not part of their team, and has not been arranged with the coordinator, the team will lose 1 point for every player who has illegally played. (NOTE: the umpire cannot make any decisions with regards to pool players on game day.)

11. Players must have played a minimum of four games to qualify for finals.

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