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Sponsorship and Advertising

Sponsorship Agreement

The Free Reformed Soccer League is currently made up of 8 men’s, 4 ladies, 4 senior boys, 4 girls and 4 junior boys teams. With the running of 24 teams, there are more costs involved and we rely on generous donations and sponsorships to keep our equipment up to date and provide proper training and game opportunities for the teams. We would like to invite you to consider sponsoring our Soccer League. Please find the options below:

Sponsorship Costs

  • $300 back of shirt
  • $175 front of shirt
  • $50 sleeve of shirt

Amounts above are for one set of team shirts, shirts will be used for approx. 3 years.

We will be looking at purchasing new shirts for most/all of our teams soon and would like to offer you the opportunity to put your logo on them. Please send a digital copy of your logo to so that we may do so if you choose one of these options.

Please complete the relevant form to suit your sponsorship, scan and send it to, or submit it to a member of the FRSL Committee in person.