In order to promote the spirit of giving and supporting the communion of saints within the Free Reformed community, the FRSL is offering the opportunity for recognised organisations within the Free Reformed Church community to raise funds.  


With a significant amount of people at soccer each week throughout the soccer season, and the on-going need for money in the wide variety of organisations supporting our community, a great opportunity exists to raise much needed funds. To this end, the FRSL wishes to support these not-for-profit organisations in the following manner.


  • Fundraising is to be organised by the fundraisers and must be presented to the FRSL for approval at least one week prior to the event.
  • Preparation, advertising, promotion, and fundraising operations are the responsibility of the fundraisers.
  • The FRSL will provide guidance and support where possible.
  • The FRSL will also publish fundraising details on the FRSL website.

Opportunities to fund-raise will be provided once per month on the second Saturday of each month. As this is essentially a trial program to measure it's effectiveness, the dates are limited at this point.

Organisations will need to provide their own equipment.


Organisations are not to compete against the kiosk by providing/selling hot food/drinks and lollies (food that is consumed on site). This includes the sale of chips, croquettes, soft drinks and lollies.

If night-games are scheduled, these dates may also become available for fundraising opportunities.

Please direct all inquiries to the committee via email at:

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